Steam turbines

On-site field services

Installation and commissioning :

  • Technical assistance during the installation

  • Turnkey contracts for the installation of equipment with the support of OEM.

  • Technical assistance during the commissioning and start-up of the equipment.


On-site expertise and diagnosis

  • CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES proposes missions of specialised engineers to perform operation audits of the equipment in order to determine the condition and the performance of machines or the root cause of an abnormal operation.

  • The main analyses performed during the audits are :
    • Determination of the performances and efficiency of the machines in real conditions of operation
    • Steam analysis
    • Speed control for steam turbines
    • Vibration analysis
    • Oil analysis
    • Boroscopic inspection
    • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance on site,
    • Multi-annual maintenance contracts



Workshop repair

Our maintenance and machining workshops based in Montardon carry out overhauls of rotating machines.

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES proposes refurbishment, up grades and repair of many parts of machines :

  • Glass bead blasting of rotors
  • Rotor balancing at low and high speed
  • Supply and setting of blades
  • Overhaul of trip & throttle valve
  • Demagnetisation of the rotors and stators
  • Repair of the bearing liners
  • Overhaul of gearboxes  (pump, reduction gear, valves…)
  • Inspection and non destructive test: magnetic inspection, dye penetrant testing, ultrasonic inspection
  • Reverse engineering components using basic methods, parts’ measurement, 3D scanner”


CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES propose solutions for the storage of the rotors increasing the preservation and limiting the risks related to the handling / lifting operations and storage on site.

  • Storage in specific containers :
    we can design and manufacture specific containers to protect all types of rotors and major components. The containers are designed for a vertical storage and pressurised with nitrogen.

Complementary Services

Maintenance contracts

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES  offer various types of service contracts :

  • Technical support contract
  • Maintenance contract specific to unit shutdowns
  • Multi-annual service contract
  • Multi-annual maintenance contract with best effort obligations


Spare parts

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES provide spare parts necessary to the overhauls and maintenance contracts through relationships with OEM.

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES also manufacture and provide parts such as:

  • Tightness for steam turbines
  • Labyrinths for steam turbines
  • Small and complex parts requiring engineering and machining
  • Parts for process valves & safety valves
  • Specific gaskets
  • Specific fasteners


Revalorization of machines

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES, with the support of an OEM partner as well as with its own engineering and design services, is able to propose up-grades for steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors such as:

  • Installation of temperature and vibration probes in bearings
  • Installation of overspeed protection electronic devices on steam turbines
  • Installation of electronic speed controller in replacement of mechanical speed controller installed on steam turbines
  • Replacement of lubricated gear-couplings with non-lubricated couplings
  • Improvement of bearing oil baffles of steam turbines


Second-hand machines

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES can offer second-hand rotating equipment. The steam turbines being the second-hand machines the most required in industry, we will periodically publish a list of machines available on the market.

The machines are delivered to Customers after being completely inspected and overhauled in our workshop.