Our group

CONSTRUCTION Eiffage Construction marshals all Eiffage businesses relating to urban development, property development, construction, maintenance and facility management, providing customers with full-spectrum expertise and a multi-product offer based on innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions.

INFRASTRUCTURES Infrastructures' activities have expertise in all businesses relating to road and rail construction, civil engineering, drainage and earthworks, and is also a leading supplier of aggregate, binders and coated aggregate.

ENERGY specialised in electrical engineering, HVAC and process engineering, providing turnkey solutions covering the design, construction, operation and maintenance of multi-technical installations and special purpose facilities in all sectors of activity.

CONCESSIONS AND PPPs specialises in the construction and concession-based operation of motorways and other large infrastructure projects, as well as public facilities, buildings and urban developments. It has expertise in concession planning for public authorities and in the management of public-private partnerships.

CLEMESSY SERVICES and its wide-range of partners located throughout the country, in Europe and overseas, ensures the coordination of the overall core businesses specialized in scheduled outages: assembly, cleaning, mechanics, metallic works, handling, catalyst, taps, but also civil engineering, electricity, scaffolding, insulation.