Our team of experts brings together all the skills needed to repair and reconditioning the GE Heavy Duty noble parts - Old Tech & New Tech ; standard, Extendor, Cle System & Clex ; E & EA – such as :

  • Fuel nozzles,
    Airfoil grinding
  • Combustion liner,
  • Transition pieces,
  • Nozzles ,
  • Buckets,
  • Shrouds,
  • Flow sleeves,
  • Flow dividers,
  • etc. ...




All staff are trained in specialized technologies: metal alloy, refractory three-dimensional machine control, welders (TIG refractory alloy), COFFREND2 controllers (non destructive), etc… sheet

Our 1500 sqm workshop is located in south west of France in Montardon which considerably reduces the transportation cost and delay for our European customers.

We are now extending our repair and production capacities to cope with an increase in the production.

Our workshop benefits from an aeronautics surroundings and technological choice with the expertise, proximity and equipment of highly qualified subcontractors.


Directrice avant et après réparation
Directrice avant et après réparation
Repair worshop
Repair worshop

Combustion system

In order to reduce maintenance costs and increase interchanging of spare parts we have upgraded and modified the different combustion systems in our customers machines. The systems we have harmonised are: STANDARD, CLE, CLEX, EXTENDOR.

We offer harmonisation proposals to our customers after we have studied the history and modification of their combustion systems.

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