Field Service


The commissioning division performs specialized tests on gas turbines, generators and also gas compressors. We handle inspection and control in respect of costs, delays, corporate procedures, and quality and security standards.

Diagnosis is the main role of commissioning and to do so our knowledge is mainly based on General Electric Mark2, Mark4, Mark5, Mark6, Mark6E technologies.

Our main activities :

  • To maintain under any circumstances equipment and installations integrity.
  • Commissioning and testing turbines according to the ranges, technical specifications and regulations of the manufacturers.
  • To seek the sources and causes of turbines breakdown and solve them.
  • Control the compliance of tests results with technical requirements of the manufacturer.
  • Commissioning either for scheduled inspections (preventive) or unexpected actions (curative).
  • To fill in and formalize tests reports.
  • To ensure technological watch.



Vibration analysis
Vibration analysis

Our core activity is on-site maintenance which is carried out by our highly experienced field experts who have excellent experience of the equipment.

We focus on a complementary approach :

  • Reactivity - joining together material and human resources, necessary for any intervention.
  • Prevention – developing remote control instrumentation, customers’ on site regular inspections, customer’s staff training, hot line technical assistance…

Scheduled outages :

Include all works needed to ensure the safety, performance and continuing operation of industrial equipment and facilities. The stoppages are very short and each stage (preparation, supervision, works and operational management) is optimised.

  • Fuel nozzles inspections
  • Combustion inspections
  • Hot gas path inspections
  • Generator major inspections
  • Major inspections


Unscheduled outages :

  • Fast mobilisation of specialist to intervene on a very short time in order to limit the loss of production

Predictive and preventive maintenance :

  • Borscopic inspections
  • Non destructive tests
  • Performance measurement
  • Vibratory analysis