Additional activities

Supervision of erection

Our specialist can manage the supervision of erection for new installations :

  • Commissioning

  • Electrical supervision

  • Piping supervision

  • Mechanical supervision

  • Overhaul planning of the whole installation

In addition to the supply and installation of second-hand reconditioned equipment we propose equipment transfer from one site to another. Please contact us for any further details and clarification.

Supervision new erection Frame 9000
Supervision new erection
Supervision erection

Up Grades

We propose solutions to up grade your turbine, such as the below examples :

  • Output of turbine increase,

  • Low Nox,

  • Up grade of Control system,

  • Combustion system modification: the enhanced version reduces the number of repairs and consequently their disassembling!

Training sessions

We provide tailor made training sessions on request. Either at our location or at the customer production site :

  • General mechanics study,

  • Exploitation & surveillance,

  • Inspection and maintenance,

  • Control, regulation and protection,

  • Vibratory analysis.

Technical assistance

To Increase diagnostic aid services on turning and alternating machines we provide technical assistance to cope quickly with special situations.

Our expertise enables us to offer contracts for specific issues as well as standard long term assistance contracts.