Gaz turbines & auxiliaries

CLEMESSY SERVICES TURBOMACHINES teams, Montardon Agency intervene on General Electric « Heavy Duty » gas turbines to provide complex services at any stage, from the installation to the maintenance :

  • Engineering new projects,
  • Scheduled maintenance on site,
  • Emergency intervention,
  • Repair of capital spare parts,
  • Sales of spare parts,
  • Training,
  • Technical assistance,
  • Rental of mobile units,
  • Design and manufacture of spare parts ....




Situated in Montardon, South West France, realises more than 60% of it's turnover abroad.

As our company is totally dedicated to equipment maintenance we have in-house expertise and are therefore able to be proactive and provide flexibility to our customers on a wide-range of services.

Our professional employees have gained experience from the leading companies in the industry (GE, ALSTOM, Siemens, MAN, etc) or from exploitation companies. We put together teams of our senior professionals (average age 39,3 years old) alongside our engineers who have graduated from the top schools (ENSAM etc).